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Run 3, also known as “Run” on Android and “Run!!!” on iOS, is the third installment in the Run series. It was first available on Google Play on December 11th, 2013. On June 5th, 2014, it was released as a Flash game on Kongregate.

It was essentially a remake of the original Run when it was released. The title has evolved into a separate entry into the series with a wealth of original gimmicks, characters, and an overarching plot thanks to a steady stream of updates.

Run 3 Online

Run 3 is the third edition in the Run series of games. The game takes place outside of space in a tube. Your main objective is to guide tiny aliens past holes and traps by running, moving, and jumping. When you hit the walls, the screen will automatically rotate. To adjust gravity and discover the safest route for your alien, try traveling along walls. If you fall into one of the holes, the game is finished. There are also breakable tiles in the tunnels that fall down when you tread into them.


  • Various game modes
  • Graphics are unique.
  • New characters and mechanics.
  • Controls are simple.

Various game modes are available

  • Adventure: Unlock several characters by completing a sequence of levels.
  • Infinite: Navigate through the limitless and ever-changing tunnels to put your skills to the test. Your work will not be saved. If you fall down, the game is over and you must go over from the beginning.
  • Online: You can play with your pals by creating or joining a room.

Keep an eye on your step and attempt to run as far as possible. It’s an addictive action endless runner game. Let’s get started and see how long you can last and how far you can travel in the Run 3 game.


With stages that take the form of tunnels and are (mainly) made up of tiles, the game is more akin to Run 1. Returning from Run 2 is a diverse cast of characters to play as, as well as a variety of platforms that react differently when stepped on.


  • Runner – A character with outstanding numbers all over. On the ground, her strafe is faster.
  • Skater – A quick character with a low jump height and the ability to strafe.
  • Lizard – A sluggish and high-jumping character.
  • Bunny – A faster character with the inability to stop jumping.
  • Child – A slow character and an even slower faller. He’s too light to break down disintegrating tiles.
  • Gentleman – A figure who can magnetize himself to surrounding Power Cells and falls slowly.
  • Duplicator – Not just a character – but many. He produces duplicates that can be used as platforms or respawns.
  • Pastafarian – A character who can use her light bridge to cross the vacuum.
  • Student – A character with extremely low stats on all fronts. She is capable of defying gravity.
  • Angel – A character with slightly lower overall numbers than the others. He has the ability to dash through the air and land safely.


  • Crumbling – An unstable tile that will begin to fall when too much weight is applied to it. Every crumbling tile around will follow suit.
  • Ice – A cool tile that increases a character’s maximum speed at a decrease to strafing ability. This effect only lasts as long as the person is on the tile.
  • Box – It’s not just a tile: it’s a box.
  • Glow – A lighter version of the normal tile. It is visible in the dark.
  • Fast – A conveyor that moves forward. A character’s speed is greatly increased.
  • Slow – A conveyor that moves backward. Slows a character down dramatically.
  • Right – A rightwards driven conveyor. Sends a character to the right swiftly and turns the level 18 degrees counter-clockwise.
  • Left – A leftwards driven conveyor. Sends a character to the left swiftly and rotates the level 18 degrees clockwise.

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